This project speaks about the measuring of time or a timeline.  The idea of spending time stitching back and forth on a piece of fabric to create color blocks that would represent happenings or occasions in a lifetime.  As human beings, we see only what is now and what was in the past, but the future is unknown to us.  Our Creator sees the whole picture, every color block in our lives, and the beauty of the whole finished piece.

This piece was part of a project in a gallery in Molde, Norway.  I worked in the gallery for a week on this piece along with two other pieces, while the gallery was open to the public.  It was interesting to see how people who were not accustomed to modern art could relate to the process and found it interesting to discuss the various ideas the work would produce. 

Created using leftover sewing thread on cotton fabric. Finished dimensions were 1 x 10 yards.

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