This series of embroidered pieces is a work in progress.  When complete, it will consist of 8 large textile wall hangings.  The project started with the first piece, which is “Moths.”  This work was inspired by childhood memories of a fairytale that told the story of how the moth got its colors.

“God told all the butterflies to stand in line to get their colors, but one overslept and was last in line. When it was his turn to pick colors there were only brown and grey colors left along with a little shimmer.”

This story inspired me to observe the moths and really appreciate their subtle colors. I wanted to make a piece that represented this.  However, when “Moths” was finished, I realized that I wanted to express more. Thus, more pieces have been added.  

“Red as Blood” and “White as Snow”‘ represent the redemptive cleansing of Christ.

“Silver” and “Gold” represent the value of the redemption.

“Sun”, “Moon” and “Stars”, (still in progress) will speak of how creation declares His glory.

Created using embroidery floss on cotton/linen fabric.  Approximately 1,5  x 1,75 meters

Red as Blood

White as Snow



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